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Are You A Joy To Be With?

Are You A Joy To Be With?

That’s one question I asked during the Frazzled To Fabulous call that seems to have caught people’s attention. People have been saying that they rarely think about what it is like to be with them. They focus on what their life is like and what they want but not on the actual experience people have of them.

Not being a joy to be with is one of the symptoms of being a Frazzled Entrepreneur.

If you are being a martyr, doing your work out of obligation, undervaluing your work, quietly (or not so quietly) suffering, playing the hero, faking everything being fine when, in fact it isn’t, or being so driven that the rest of your life suffers then – what’s it like to be with you? How is it impacting the service you provide?

How is it impacting your ability to grow your business? Are you a testimonial for the service you provide? Can you imagine that your clients or customers say something like, “She’s great at what she does but… she’s stressed out, overwhelmed, disconnected… or, the rest of her life needs help?”

These are all symptoms of being a Frazzled Entrepreneur. If you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to the free call you can get it here:

And if you know that you are done being frazzled I’ve created a course just for you… The Frazzled to Fabulous Breakthrough Course!


You can find out more and register here:

Right now the course is $47 and bring a friend for free!

(I don’t know of any other course of this type and price point offered where you get personal coaching from the course leader.)

The Frazzled to Fabulous Breakthrough Course includes: three – 75 minute tele-class/group coaching sessions. Each class will focus on one of the three shifts you must make to move from a frazzled to a fabulous life and business.
During these sessions, for the first time, I will be sharing tools that have only been available to my private clients. You also get weekly strategy sheets and materials to forward your progress and learning between each class.

I’m also including to huge bonuses!

Bonus #1 – A 30 Minute Individual Celebration and Strategy Session with me. (This is a $250 value in itself.)
Bonus #2 – Bring a friend to the course for FREE! (Value – $800)

The early bird tuition for the course is only $47. The tuition goes up to $97 on Saturday Sept 15th.

You can register here:

As I mentioned above, the course will walk you through the 3 Simple Shifts you must make to leave your frazzled life behind. They are:

Shift 1: Get real honest with yourself about the experience of your life and business. It is only by seeing with clarity and honesty what is happening right now that you will be motivated to take the steps to change.

Shift 2: Get who you really are and what you truly want. The key to your success and happiness in life it to know who you are, what makes you and how you serve unique, who the people are that you are to serve and lastly what makes you feel alive.

Shift 3: Get out of your own way. Yes, it’s true! The only thing in your way is YOU. You will learn how to stop trying to run up hill or sabotaging yourself. When you get out of your own way your enjoy your life more immediately and release your ability to grow your business and make more money.

To your fabulous life!